Carrozzino hospital spokesman Roberto said on Monday that the state of medical and psychological Kubica is good.

“Tissues and the wounds have to heal, and of course it takes time before it starts to talk about real recuperating – Carrozzino said, quoted by the portal” Il Vostro Giornale of Savona.

“Also defined as the rehabilitation of motor function recovery of the affected limb trauma will start in 3-4 weeks – he explained. – Kubica is now under the care of an orthopedist, who controls the daily clinical and starts to perform the first movement.”

Kubica is the driver, and is accustomed to rush, but for a full recovery that takes time and patience” – added Carrozzino.

Kubica suffered serious injuries in an accident on the Rally Ronde di Andorra. He was taken to hospital in very serious condition, he even threatened to amputate his hand crushed. Within 10 days undergone three complicated operations. In those days, began a slow rehabilitation process.

Polish driver manager Danielle Morelli said Robert Fan remain in hospital for several weeks and stressed the need to protect their privacy. To this end, the facility where he is, guarding the patient’s bodyguards. It also works the camera system, so nobody unauthorized can not get to him