1. Iwostin, Protective cream for acne Acne Solecrin SPF 25 – brilliant idea of combining a high sun protection with attention to the need for combination skin, oily, prone to acne lesions. And you know, the summer shine exceptionally! The cream regulates the secretion of sebum and works matująco. Includes the composition of organic and mineral filters and Antileukine 6 ® – a substance that protects cells from the inside by strengthening the natural skin protection sunscreen. Price: 33 zł / 50 ml.

2. Payot, Benefice soleil, anti-aging sunscreen SPF 30 – A luxurious cream for demanding that regenerates, protects and moisturizes the skin. In addition to UVA / UVB filters include oil from sunflower, which protects against free radicals and sunflower petals restricting cell changes in the skin. Price: 134 zł / 50 ml.

3. AA Sensitive to the sun, Face Cream SPF 30 – Superb value for money and softness for sensitive skin. High protection neutralizes free radicals, preventing the formation of stains, protects the skin cells’ DNA and prevents it from aging, makes the skin soft, moisturizes and soothes irritation. Price: 29 zł / 100 ml.

4. Bioethics Easy Sun Protective Face Cream SPF 30 anti-aging – high protection combined with the beneficial effects of plant extracts: capers eliminates redness caused by the sun, and the Indian fig Revitalin BT ® accelerates skin renewal process by softening and moisturizing properties of a UVA / UVB protects against radiation ultraviolet, premature skin aging and wrinkle formation. Price: 58 zł / 50 ml.

5. AVON Sun + Mattifying Face Cream SPF 20 stick with protective SPF 30 – Skincare biphasic: Face Cream SPF 20 protects skin and prevents its shining up to 7 hours, and the stick of SPF 30 to protect the most sensitive to the sun such as the mouth , nose and ears. This product contains a complex multi-vitamin, extracts of aloe, chamomile and mating components. Price: 24 zł / 30 ml + 3g

6. La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50 Cream – based on thermal water, is designed for normal to dry skin giving it a unique feeling of comfort. It does not leave white marks.
Available in odorless, fragrance or coloring, which makes the skin soft and natural effect of tan. Great primer replaced! Price: 50 ml zł/50

7. DAX Cosmetics, Yoskine 30 + cream – wrinkles Reduction per day for normal and combination skin, SPF 10 – slows down aging of the skin and the deepening wrinkles.
Rice peptides stimulate collagen and the reconstruction of the active ingredient in Photo-Protectyl-1 during skin exposure to sunlight and protects cells against free radicals, photo-aging and premature wrinkles. Enantia-MAT reduces visibility of pores and absorbs excess sebum. Price: 63 zł / 50 ml

8. Lirene, velvety cream Moisturizing Day SPF 10 – Light Day Cream, for thirsty skin, which contains hyaluronic acid, which binds and retains water in the deep layers of the epidermis and
extract from milk thistle, protects against free radicals and harmful effects of sunlight. Babassu oil is responsible for the firmness and elasticity. Price: 14 zł / 50 ml

9. Vichy Capital Soleil Protective Cream SPF 25 – The proven quality in pharmacies and safe for allergy sufferers. Protects skin from harmful UVB + UVA and prevents the formation of free radicals, which slows the aging process. Skin takes on a healthy glow. Price: 49 zł / 50 ml (the promotion of thermal water spray as a gift)

10. Oriflame Optimals Even Out ™ Day Cream SPF 20 Day Cream – A gentle cream enriched with a complex lightening Even Out ™, which prevents excessive pigmentation and protects the skin from photoaging. It helps make skin more even, more radiant appearance. Contains antioxidants and SPF 20 filters to prevent formation of spots. Price: 64 zł / 50 ml